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Open House

New Spirit Shirt Design is NOW available for purchasing online.

Get yours today and join our Learning League of Super Heroes. 

To receive your order at OPEN HOUSE on August 14th you must order online and pay by July 30th. 

For all other uniform related questions visit our FAQs.

This new addition will be available ONLY in the months of July and August for an introductory price of $22.00.
Please visit Bryant Online Store at http://bryantuniforms.com/ for all your uniform needs. This is an efficient, convenient
way to purchase your family’s uniforms. You can pick up your order at school (no shipping charges) or elect to have your family’s
uniform order shipped directly to your home (for a small shipping charge).

To receive your uniform order at OPEN HOUSE on August 14th you must order online and pay by July 30th.

*All Polo Dress orders received in the month of July will be available for pick up at OPEN HOUSE.
All Polo Dress orders received in the month of August will be delivered to school by 9/19/14.

Thank you for your support!
Bryant PTA

If you have any questions please contact Kishia Fuller-Gainey at uniforms@bryantpta.com.

Start your preparations NOW by gathering your gently worn shoes for a truly important SHOE COLLECTION 

and a chance to help a family in Haiti, Uganda, or India. 

From February 27th to March 18th, 2015 we will be collecting your shoes to 

    1) raisemoney for our school, 

    2) reduce the impact on our landfills, and 

    3) help to create Micro-enterprise opportunities for families and communities with little to no income or livelihood. 

Funds2Orgs will send our gently worn used shoes to developing nations to serve as the merchandise for their businesses, 

thereby allowing them to feed, clothe and house their families. 

Here is a short must see video explaining the objective of Funds2Orgs 

What are Spirit Sticks®?

Spirit Sticks® are small custom-embroidered patches that students can earn, collect and display on a Spirit Ring™ that attaches to their backpack or lunchbox.  Spirit Sticks® are a healthy and lasting reward that promotes school spirit, participation and positive character choices.  While students will have many opportunities to earn Spirit Sticks® throughout the school year, they will also have opportunities to purchase sticks for $1.00 each at PTA programs and events.

How to Get your Mary Bryant Spirit Ring™ & Spirit Sticks®

Each student with a PTA Membership associated with their name (parent, grandparent, student, etc.) will receive the custom Mary E. Bryant Elementary Spirit Ring™ along with the exclusive “My Cape is in the Wash”  (to go with our school year “Superhero” theme) spirit stick for FREE!  PTA will also be hosting Spirit Stick Fridays four times throughout the school year during which, each student with a PTA Membership will receive a FREE Spirit Stick.  Those who do not wish to join PTA or would like more than one Spirit Ring, may purchase a Spirit Ring through PTA for $3.00 each.

To join PTA, fill out the membership form  and return to your child's teacher labeled PTA Membership

PTA General Assembly & Ice Cream Social

Thursday, September 4, 2014
6:30 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room
Please RSVP by Friday, August 29th, 2014
Ice Cream Social RSVP Form

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