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Is PTA Worth It?

Article by:LaTasha Green-CobbRegion 4 Representative


Many people ask why they should be affiliated with PTA. They ask if the $3.50 per member is worth it. As individuals, we spend more than that frivolously, oftentimes every day. Yet, when it comes time to contribute to the greater good of all children, we decide to micromanage how funds are being spent.


A local school unit operates alone, has less of an impact and outreach, and is often vulnerable to educational issues. Now, the obvious benefit of PTA affiliation is the training and support that is available to local unit leadership. However, we have not because we ask not; most local units don't access this gem so they don't see the value in it. Many people also don't know that PTA has volunteers in Tallahassee or Washington, DC consistently throughout the Legislative Session. PTA is focused on those issues that affect children, especially students in public school as many of those students aren't able to afford private or charter school education. In addition, it has been noted on several occasions, that PTA has been one of the groups that influenced the increase in the state educational budget.


When you stand with PTA, as a state, you have over 300,000 parents, teachers, students, administrators, constituents and stakeholders alongside you. And, at the national level, that number increases to over 5 million with common interests to make every aspect of a child's life better whether it be academically, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. We're committed to every child, speaking as one voice. We invite you to join us in this plight to continue advocating for children. Learn what your membership dues offer your local unit and use them to the fullest. Educate yourself on the benefits so you are assured and can proclaim that "PTA is more than worth it!"